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Hiking and leisure area

Hiking holidays at the Renon

The sunny high plateau at the heart of South Tyrol. The Renon, with a total area of over 100 square kilometres, has for centuries been a popular mountain destination. Families and walkers have been coming here to relax for over 400 years. The variation in altitudes is a special feature of the Renon. On the way up to your holiday home at the “Residence Wolfgang” you will see lush vineyards reaching up the mountainside to a height of some 1,000 m above sea level. Then come green meadows, beautiful forest landscapes and numerous wonders of nature such as the famous Ritten earth pyramids. The climate is especially favourable for holidays.

The Rittner Horn – a 360° panorama

Ludwig Purtscheller, a well-known late 19th century climber, said: “Anyone wishing to see Tyrol at a glance should climb this mountain.” He meant the panorama that can only be appreciated from the Rittner Horn. Here there are no summits to block the view. The Dolomites stretch out in an arc from the southeast to the south: from the Peitlerkofl and the Geisler peaks to the Schlern, the Rosengarten and Latemar, then down to the Schwarzhorn and Weisshorn. In the north can be seen the impressive Sarntaler Alps, with the Stubaier Alps behind. Even South Tyrol’s highest summit, the Ortler, can on fine days be seen from the Rittner Horn. On clear days the Grossglockner can also be made out to the east.

Leisure for walkers and connoisseurs alike

The Renon is not so easy to leave once you experience its beauty, variety and welcome. Here time seems to lose its urgency and the hectic nature and stress of the everyday disappears. You can find everything here you need for a relaxing break, in winter or in summer. Over 350 km of footpaths allow you to get to know and love this unique landscape. The pleasure is often simply to observe and wonder how so much still remains here just as it once was.

The Rittner cable car and the Rittner “Bahnl” light railway

The good old “Bahnl”, as it is affectionately known here and further afield, runs every half hour between Klobenstein and Oberbozen. The stations and the sensation produced as you travel, not to mention the magnificent views, will awaken in you a feeling of nostalgia that can only add to your holiday fun. Since 2009, an ultramodern cable car has run from Bozen to Oberbozen every 4 minutes. Many of our guests make use of both forms of transport for a trip to the city of Bozen, the capital of the region of South Tyrol.

Vacation on the beautiful Renon plateau

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